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The maker's mark - a flowing script WP - is identical to that recorded in Margaret Gill's excellent work on Newcastle Goldsmiths.

William Partis was listed as a Goldsmith from Tyne-bridge, and entered assays between 5th May 1747 and 25th April 1755.
Included in the list of wares submitted for assay are 'pr. tongs' and 'tea t.'

It seems unlikely, but perhaps these two examples represent his total output of tongs!

The second pair marked for William Partis is more easily recognised as a transitional pair, having a scrolling upper shaft with prominent baluster lower shafts.

The shaped oval rings are a particularly nice feature.

The hinge plate has a contemporary date of 1754, which would probably be correct as they were made in the provinces where styles changed at a more leisurely pace than in the Metropolis!
At all events, this date certainly fits into his working time frame.

Only three pairs of Tea Tongs marked for Newcastle makers have ever been recorded - these two and a pair marked for Thomas Stoddart which I will illustrate at some future date.